Staff Augmentation

Consulting & Specialty Staffing Engagements

The ability to attract, train and retain certified and specialized designers is a challenge for many organizations. Project implementations often require temporary additional resources or expertise beyond that of existing employees. Unexpected events or leaves of absence can leave costly resource gaps. Training and sustaining additional permanent, full-time staff members are not always feasible or cost effective.

​To help our clients solve these challenges, Commsult offers a variety of options for contracting certified professionals. Through Staff Augmentation engagements, Commsult’s highly skilled resources work under your direction and guidance and augment the skills of your in-house staff.

As designers, Commsult can help assess your environment and requirements and recommend a certified professional that will need minimal training to become an integral part of your team.

Flexible contract terms enable you to gear up for a labor-intensive project, fill short- term resource gaps, supplement internal skills, or acquire advanced technical skills beyond your in-house capabilities.

Commsult’s leadership team prides ourselves on long-term client relationships we’ve developed based on success in our consulting and staffing engagements. When you contract a Commsult resource, our company stands behind that professional. And through our professionals, you gain the benefit of access to Commsult’s extensive resources and expertise.