Ken Schirripa

“We are all about ownership.  Every member of our team feels a great responsibility and ownership over our work ethic, our performance as a team, our reputation as a company, and in our ability to exceed our client’s goals.”

As CEO and President of Commsult, Ken has over with more than 25 years of demonstrated expertise in technology, infrastructure engineering, and construction management, Ken has never been prouder to be at the helm of Commsult. A change in entity status, that was announced publicly in January 2020 has created a new future for Commsult and its legacy team members as an employee-owned entity. In Kenny’s eyes this change has created an even greater sense of accountability and responsibility within the organization of already dedicated professionals.

The charter for the company going forward is to continue to live, work and breathe the core values that people have come to expect from Commsult: project ownership, absolute integrity, pinpoint accuracy, assured reliability, unfailing consistency and imaginative innovation.

Since joining Commsult in 1998, Ken has led several areas of the business and has helped build a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team to effectively serve client needs. The diversity of Ken’s experience brings an expansive understanding of the industry to client, partner, and vendor relationships. His personal involvement in engagements ensures that expectations are met and Commsult’s standards of excellence are always employed.

Ken’s collaborative client relationships have been a major influence on Commsult’s evolution to a full-service, Professional Engineering, Design and Consulting firm with expertise in bringing together multiple disciplines to provide customized solutions that meet the needs of businesses worldwide. He is committed to continually furthering his understanding of client challenges and Commsult’s strength in helping clients remain agile in an increasingly dynamic environment.


To reach Ken, contact him at