About Commsult

We are consulting engineers driven to exceed client expectations. As an employee-owned company, every Commsult team member is deeply vested in the successful execution of every project we undertake.

For over 25 years, we have continued to deliver outstanding projects because of our client-centric focus. This focus results in an unparalleled attention to detail, project management, support, and precise technical documentation, that saves our clients time and money.

Our expertise is in the performance, function, and technical infrastructure of the Built Environment, and we do this while protecting budgetary spending and project schedule.

The markets we serve include but are not limited to:

  • corporate
  • financial
  • pharmaceutical
  • legal
  • government
  • retail
  • real estate
  • hospitality
  • higher education

Our mission is to design, engineer, and incorporate multi-discipline, scalable technologies in such a way that it changes lives builds avenues for communication, creates smarter workplaces, improves profitability, and positively impacts businesses, employees, and the buildings and communities in which we work and live.

The Commsult Mission


Our Brand Promise: Commsult = Partnership

Our client’s interests are our number one priority.

Our brand promise is to be a key partner to our clients, to maintain strong relationships, and to continuously challenge our own technical expertise to remain at the cutting edge.

We vow to be an integral part of the project and to continue the process of building superior teams, specifications, documentation, and drawings that minimize change orders, eliminate product waste and that deliver exceptional results and project outcomes

What makes Commsult different makes us even better.

When we are asked what makes us better, we could say the usual, our experience, the fact that we feel we care more about having another successful project under our belt, but there is more.
We pride ourselves on being accountable, accessible, detail-oriented, transparent and committed to staying on target. Unlike other firms, every legacy member of our team has proverbial “skin in the game”.  As an employee owned company, we are all about ownership.

Who we are

We are experts that believe every company needs a trusted “go to” resource that they confidently believe holds their best interests in principality and that will provide consistent, precise and transparent client-first project management and oversight expertise on a variety of levels, regardless of scope or difficulty.
As seasoned partners, we are battle-tested, and fully prepared to ensure your project’s success enabling our clients to focus on their day-to-day business, while we focus and manage their design, engineering and technical infrastructure projects.